Rapid Website Deployment

Rapid Website Deployment

We have comprehensive experience across a wide range of platforms. We work with rich corporate toolsets such as Java, JEE, Oracle, Liferay & Microsoft SQL Server, .NET and also with more agile toolsets such as PHP, mySQL, Ruby On Rails, MEAN Stack. We have deep knowledge and big experience in cloud based technologies be it Platform as a Service Solutions (like Goolge Firebase) or Infrastructure as a Service (like Amazon EC2).  We use the platforms according to The Reactive Manifesto (https://www.reactivemanifesto.org/) and The Twelve-Factor App (https://12factor.net/) principles.

Our own toolset and prebuilt modules

Over the past 20 years we have created a number of our own products and toolsets that we now offer clients. These cutting edge platforms springboard the development cycle and give our clients an edge in whichever industry sector they are in. Such offerings range from massive data storage systems for invoice and billing workflow with powerful search and retrieve functions and complex web application development and delivery enhanced by mobile device development. We use our toolset according to The Reactive Manifesto (https://www.reactivemanifesto.org/) and The Twelve-Factor App (https://12factor.net/) principles.

Technologies we use

Our main expertise in Enterprise Java (Spring or JEE based), .NET, PHP and Ruby on Rails. We always try to use the latest technologies, but we will always choose the most suitable technologies for each customer's specific requirements. Currently we have projects that are using (these are the most frequent technologies; the list below is not exhaustive):

Products Languages & Frameworks Databases
Liferay Java DB2
Magento JEE Oracle DB
Wordpress .NET MS SQL Server
Drupal Spring Framework family MySQL
Joomla PHP PostgreSQL
Moodle Ruby On Rails MongoDB
Yii AngularJs Cassandra
Hippo CMS VueJs Redis
Firebase ReactJs Neo4J
and many more