Web App Development

Our focus has always been on delivering complex business applications with a focus on the key industry sectors of Fintech, Payments, RewardTech, Utiliites and Automotive. We have a rich toolset to apply to major client projects, and a very thorough project delivery methodology. In RewardTech we have extensive experience of reward, channel incentives, staff recognition, gift card, and loyalty.   

We use the SCRUM agile methodology to lower costs, minimise risks and to be able to adapt to fast changing project requirements.

Our Approach

  • Website Project Definition

    Website Project Definition

    We have a culture of stakeholder engagement to capture the key essence of a project and thereby be able to document the high level business imperatives of a project and to develop the right business requirements and use case documentation that's easy for the client to understand.
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  • Website Design

    Website Design

    We can design your website with an excellent brand creative treatment, and to reflect best practice in customer experience, user experience and accessibility to international standards.
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  • Agile Website Build

    Agile Website Build

    Business today demands rapid project deployment on a low-risk with high value-for-money basis and ‘Agile' project management methods are key to meet these demands. We have since 2012 been using the SCRUM methodology, and apply a tailored version to our projects. We are comfortable working with ‘lean start-up' and Minimum Viable Product (MVP) approaches.
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  • Rapid Website Deployment

    Rapid Website Deployment

    We have comprehensive experience across a wide range of platforms. We work with rich corporate toolsets such as Java, J2EE, Oracle, Sun, Vignette, Liferay & Microsoft SQL Server, and also with more agile toolsets such as PHP, mySQL, iOS, & Android.
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