Nov 24, 2023

Colleague Chronicles: Anna Uhrinyi, Manager Assistant

Colleague Chronicles: Anna Uhrinyi, Manager Assistant

How long have you been working at the company, in what role?

I've been working at the company for over a year and a half in the role of manager assistant. I'm the direct assistant to our CEO, so I primarily help him with his work. Additionally I organize company events.

What tasks are associated with this role, what does an average day look like for you?

It's always different, it really depends on what projects are currently underway. My work includes attending meetings, where I usually write meeting minutes. I organize company trips, events, programs in the office life, and I also do the grocery shoppings. The company also has an office in England, so I handle the travel between the two countries. For this, I arrange flights, book hotels, and everything else they need.

What skills are needed for this role?

Ambition, self-confidence, openness, patience. The important thing is to make connections with colleagues, get to know them, ask them how their weekend was, what they did, and what the plan is.

The field of IT is usually filled with male colleagues. As a woman, how do you find the common voice with so many men?

It’s not so far from me, because one of my brothers is a software engineer, so I almost feel at home while talking to the colleagues. They are really friendly and open, which creates a really good atmosphere.

What would you highlight from your time at the company, what are you proud of?

The larger company events I organized were very successful, especially last year's Advent Party. It was held in the Prónay castle, and we invited not only our colleagues, but our partners as well from foreign countries. That was really exciting, both organizing the travel and accommodations for the guests and also meeting them personally at the event. 

What do you like the most about this company, why would you recommend it to others?

I love the fact that I really feel appreciated here. I can talk to the management perfectly, and I really like being with the colleagues. When I organize these programs more of them come into the office and we can spend some informal time together, then I really feel like a useful member of the company.

Why do you think it's worth coming here as a developer?

Because we organize such good programs at the company.  Putting jokes aside, because this is a secure job, especially since we also work for international partners, so it's not like you wake up one day wondering if you have a job or not. As far as I know, the projects are also good, I haven't heard anyone complaining yet.