Loyalty Programme for Major UK Restaurant Chain

Loyalty Programme for Major UK Restaurant Chain

We helped Grass Roots deliver a national points-based loyalty card programme for a UK wide restaurants chain, targeting 20 million customers.

P92 helped Grass Roots build a loyalty programme for a restaurant chain which runs across three brands. Each brand has its own identity and offering, but uses the same back end platform to achieve economies of scale in relation to ongoing, relevant customer engagement; and to provide a single view of customer transactional behaviour.

Using engaging, targeted communications, and rewarding loyal customers, the restaurants are also able to attract new customers with their generous offers.

The programme has been developed for one brand first, and then rolled out tailored versions to the other two, using separate identities, websites and communications.

The programme was the first of its kind in the market, and has been delivered to extremely aggressive timelines. Results have exceeded all business measures, driving frequency, spend and insight.


  • Approximately 10 million emails sent last year
  • More than 50 email variants going out regularly
  • Customers spend up to 110% more
  • Customers spend per visit is increasing at a faster rate