Oct 15, 2020

Business Gifting Web App for Motivates Inc

Business Gifting Web App for Motivates Inc

Motivates Inc. Ltd is an experienced and passionate company of reward and recognition experts who been achieving great results and making rewarding easy for their clients for over 15 years. Motivates are the company behind the market leading Lifestyle Voucher with over 120 of the UK most popular retailers.

Motivates engaged with P92 a year ago and explained that historically they have been in the redemption side of the gifting business with a two-tier voucher product 'The Lifestyle Voucher’ and they worked with agencies on the awarding of rewards. They wanted to have a business gifting platform that would enable sending their voucher instantly to company employees but with a warm social gifting feel. They wanted to start with the app on the web and then move later to iOS and Android.

There are other players in the UK market but they have a business2business interface but these apps are more suited to the desktop world only. Lifestyle Instant is an app to create personalised eGift Cards to treat, thank, celebrate or reward someone special. A really user-friendly interface provides the ability to select an eGift Card design, personalise, top-up and then buy before the eGift Card is emailed instantly to a lucky recipient. The immediacy means that companies can reward their employees the moment they do something exceptional. It’s also perfect for gifting and celebrating special occasions for consumers too.

The app was designed and built using ‘progressive’ design methods so that the app will look the same on the web, or as an iOS and Android native app. P92 used a cutting-edge technique using React Native to build the site for the web. This code will now be reused for iOS and Android without redevelopment. The app works really well across laptop, mobile and tablet browsers in portrait and landscape modes. Others are doing projects like this but it’s the level of usability that is key and often a barrier to adoption - using fully 100% authentic Progressive Design techniques is important. Also, the use of React Native DOM to enable the same code to work across 3 platforms.

Customer feedback is: “Really, really easy”, “I really like that I can add who the sender is and that it doesn’t come from me”, “Super straightforward…. personalisation easy”, “I really like in the basket the edit, duplicate or delete function”,  “I really like the platform, it’s eye catching and easy to use which is mega important”,  “The journey in the lifestyle site was flawless, it seems more well-rounded now”.

See the app at http://lifestyleinstant.co.u